Collection: Reins ~Sustainable Children’s Fashion

Rhi, reins’ mother, is a Welsh girl from the coast, the sea a forever fixture in her life she feels passionate about it’s preservation and protection. 

reins clothing was born from this love of the sea and a long-standing dream to build a fun and beautiful children’s brand that kids would choose for themselves. 

Hoping to bridge the gap between affordable clothes and beautiful designs reins clothing wants to be the go to brand for consumers that love wonderful, fun wares that won’t break the wallet or the world.

There’s a powerful pull to say reins is a sustainable children’s fashion label and in the main it is. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we’re crusaders for reusing what already exists and crazy about convincing our customers to recycle. 

Behind the scenes is a tiny team of lasses working tirelessly to bring you a brand that is thoughtful, conscious, sustainable where possible and fun!

reins clothing‘s aim is to work with trailblazers women who are paving their own paths and wanting to quietly smash the patriarchy by creating their empires and passionately protecting planet earth. And guys who are passionate too of course! The little steps - big impacts ethos is where we make waves.

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