Collection: JESS ADAMS

Jess Adams Design is a handmade jewellery and accessories brand based in Reading, England.

After graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2018 with a degree in Fashion & Textiles, Jess began by selling her designs on Etsy and Jess Adams Design was established. After opening a few online marketplaces over the first two years, Jess finally launched her own website in July 2020.

Jess primarily uses resin and laser-cut acrylic to create her unique pieces. Each product is handcrafted by Jess, from the initial sketch to polishing the finished shapes. Most of Jess’ silicone molds that she uses for resin are created entirely by her as she designs the acrylic pieces which she then uses as a base for the mold.

Jess always has her eye on current trends and uses them for inspiration to create her contemporary pieces. New collections are released on Jess Adams Design each season, with other products being designed and added when inspiration hits!

As well as the main product range, Jess also completes freelance and custom work. She also sells her products wholesale to retailers across the UK.

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