Breaking Gender Boundaries

As we make our mark in the fashion industry, it's important to us at Little Oeuf we know our identity in a marketplace which clearly segregates boys and girls.

This influences how garments are designed and marketed. There is still a sharp divide between boys and girls clothing which is not helped by the majority of high street retailers whom segment in-store by gender, colour & genre

This can be very frustrating who says Boys can't wear pink? or Girls don't play with dinosaurs? Yet we appear to be dictated to by big retail consortiums to follow the rules they set in place.

We believe that offering clothes without limits is equally important for both boys and girls! Our subtle colour pallets inject fun, meanwhile, nature-inspired prints offer a cheeky expression of personality. Fabric choice, cut and style have to be right to suit and support all types of play and development for both boys and girls
We do however still have boys and girls sections on our website as this is the way people historically shop however as all of our Unisex clothes can be mixed and matched to create a unique quirky shop for all children to enjoy.

They don't have hidden agendas and they don't shy away from colour.

They don't put children in boxes and they offer so much choice.

Bright colours or monochrome, sparkly or edgy - the choice is yours

My own brand message is that children's clothes should be made for children, Ethically Sourced or made from Organic or hand made by independent indie brands or Vegan-friendly!

Each garment at Little Oeuf is carefully curated, with the following idealisms in mind:

  • Durable & comfy for playing
  • Designed consciously for girls or boys in the form of T-shirts, sweaters, and leggings in an array of print and fabric choices
  • Are either - Ethical, Organic, or PETA Approved

Here are a few of our favourite unisex clothing items suggestions:


1. Cheetah Spot Romper £18 Vegan-Friendly (PETA Approved) 

image credit Another Fox




2.  Panda Sweater £26 Organic - made from 100% brushed organic cotton 

image credit, Baby MORI,


3. Leopard Print Sweater £20 | PETA Approved Unisex Kids Sweater
image credit Another Fox
We would love to know your favourite gender-neutral and unisex brands or clothing ranges. Let us know in the comments your favourites!


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