Body Positivity

Body Positivity ~ We live in a world dictated by the quest for perfection!
Social media is a great tool however we know first hand in our personal and business lives, the darker side of body shaming negativity and the impacts it can have on our health and well being!
We're happy to say we have seen a significant shift in Body Positivity amongst some fabulous bloggers!
Be honest whatever your shape or size who doesn't have insecurities about their bodies?
Learning to love the skin we are in is what it's all about. Whatever your age we all have hangups, having come across some fabulous ladies id like to share their Instagram pages with you, as they have taught me to love the skin I have, lumps bumps and all. We are all unique.
Here are some of my favourite ladies on Instagram if you'd like to go check them out:
Natalie Malfi - Mama Blogger of two boys, honesty in everyday life is or inspiring, her videos relate to lifestyle, fashion, travel, routine, beauty, days in the life of her family and plenty of other bits in between
Natalie Malfi - Mama Blogger of two boys
A sibling concept blog showcasing our passion for Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and Diversity.

"Our blog is called BEING HER, which is a play on our names Hermon and Heroda but more importantly the belief that being yourself is the most powerful beauty product available!

We happen to be Deaf, we say happen, because we don’t see it as a disability as, others do. We see it as an advantage! With our hearing diminished our other senses become heightened, therefore our touch, taste and vision can appreciate different aspects maybe a hearing person wouldn’t…

We both suffered our loss of hearing under strange circumstances. We were seven years old, playing outside (in our hometown Eritrea) one moment we could hear, the next we couldn’t. We refuse to allow being Deaf to define or hold us back.

Our blog gives us the opportunity to widen our perspective. The more you see, the less you hate. Prejudice is a big part of the human condition and the more cultures you experience the more you realise we are not that different! Be brave, be courageous and new experiences will alter your life forever."

Hermon is a professional actress and Heroda featured in her first commercial (Smirnoff).
Rebecca Ellen Lamb -  Mama Vlogger & YouTuber living in the stunning Yorkshire Dales with her two beautiful son's Alfie & Woody and Fiancé Steve. Rebecca's honesty in everyday life and her stories are infectious full of body positivity and ways to make people feel better about themselves and the skin they are in
Rebecca Ellen Lamb -  Mama Vlogger & YouTuber
Chessie King - Took the media by storm with her Health & Fitness blog posting honest pictures of herself on Instagram makes her feel liberated and helps others deal with body confidence & body positivity 
Chessie King - Health & Fitness blogger
Rosie Ramsey - Actress, Broadcaster, Wife to Comedian Chris Ramsey & Mama to Robin. Rosie has amassed an army of followers on Instagram due to her hilariously real and brutally honest of everyday life through her Instagram stories and VLogs. Her videos and posts consistently attract huge numbers of views and interactions, proving her an extremely well-loved. 
Rosie Ramsey - Actress, Broadcaster, Wife to Comedian Chris Ramsey
Id love to know if you are already following any of these fabulous women or if you have any suggestions for other inspirational ladies to follow regarding body positivity, let me know who they are please comment below...

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